The day’s last rays of sunshine cruised like sharks

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If he ever left you speechless, if he ever left you on the edge of your seat at a movie theatre, if he ever played a role that caused you to believe the film industry will never be the same, if he ever made you believe that films are more than just films, if he ever made you realize the importance of passion and utter dedication

Come thank him.

Come tell me your favourite thing about Heath Ledger or leave me a picture of you holding a sign saying absolutely anything you wish you could have told him before he was gone and I’ll make it into a video so we’re all able to see the legacy he left behind. His dedication still and always will live on through his fans. 



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When I die, my money’s not gonna come with me. My movies will live on – for people to judge what I was as a person.

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Today, as every year this date, my heart shatters into pieces.
This is the fifth anniversary of death of the most talented, commited, handsome, loving and inspiring actor’s I knew any. Heath Ledger’s.
He was not only an actor. He was a father of one-year-old beautiful girl whom he loved endlessly. He was a person, who was lost into the thing he loved.

I am never going to get over his nonsense death. Nor I ever believe it was a suicide.
Heath Ledger was so much into a character he played, The Joker, he turned into him, with his deppression, problems and craziness.
Heath Ledger was in pain. He was deppressed. He wanted to live, but the pain didn’t let him do it properly, so he took pills. He wanted to take away the pain, caring only about the end of the suffer, not the doses. He didn’t want to die. He knew it’s going to happen that day or another, but he didn’t want to die before doing something that would make him remarkable, recognizable, remembered. He did it, but never realized this. 
So I will never believe he overdosed for purpose. For me, it was an accident. 
Which makes his death even more devoid of sense.

It is too much. For me and people I know. Death takes only good people. Death takes only people I love too much to get over, ever. Death takes too young. Death makes a hole in my life, which can be filled by nothing.

Yesterday one single sentence made me break into pieces. “He passed away at the age of 28.”
I was holding my feelings together, I was holding my tears through the whole day, yesterday and today. But that one sentence, containg so many emotions, so much tragedy inside of 24 letters, broke me. I lost some people in my life, few of them were even younger. But nothing is more scarry and tragic than just one sentence. One short, heartbreaking senstece. “He passed away at the age of…”

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I miss your smile, your absence hurts me. You were the best person that the world ever met, thanks for this. You’ll always be remembered, you live in my mind, in my soul and mainly in my heart.

I love you forever, Heathcliff Andrew Ledger ♥

“You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you. You’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much.”

fucking years :(

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E eis aqui, o segredo mais profundo que ninguém conhece. Eis a raiz da raiz e o broto do broto. E o céu do céu de uma grande árvore chamada vida. Que cresce mais do que a alma pode esperar ou a mente esconder. E esta é a maravilha que mantém as estrelas distantes. Carrego seu coração comigo. Carrego-o no meu coração.” - Candy

“We often used to do a lot of things together, because people were very interested in him and I think we felt safe together. He was very sensitive. He didn’t always have a sense of performance in his everyday life. He knew who he was. For such a serious actor as Heath was, he was crazy funny. Dark funny, but funny.” — Jake Gyllenhaal.

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I miss that beautiful smile, and I miss you so much! I hate this day but you are always in my heart.

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William M. Rittase animated

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